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Although partner abuse generally occurs in private, the ripple effect spreads from home and family to affect neighborhoods and communities. Before we can effectively address the problem, we need accurate information and more research based on objective assessment of the full range of dynamics in partner relations. Key areas for exploration are summarized in findings from fairly recent literature:
  • A monolithic etiological model of marital aggression is inadequate to capture the diversity of relationship and individual dynamics in physically aggressive marriages (Vivian & Langhinrichsen-Rohling, 1996, p. 45-46)

  • Integrated theories are necessary; ones that are gender neutral and include societal and interpersonal factors as well as psychological characteristics (Miller, 1996, p. 198)

  • As yet, no data support a view with a simple, binary answer to the questions examined, and very little empirical evidence exists to guide treatment for spouse abuse (O'Leary & Murphy, 1999, p. 26)

  • Future research should focus on the extent to which violence perpetrated against women by intimate partners consists of systematic terrorism and the consequences of this type of victimization (Tjaden, & Thoennes, 2000)

The Family Interventions Project is exploring these and other areas through small-scale studies designed to inform future research and develop integrated frameworks for effective prevention and treatment programs.