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Parental Alienation Syndrome

Effectiveness of couples therapy for Domestic Violence

Gender Bias in the 1989 Report of the Gender Bias Committee

Domestic Violence Is A Human Problem

Domestic violence - a holistic approach

On Feminism

Deconstructing Duluth

The Culture of Victim and How Therapists Fuel the Victim Industry

Family Violence Prevention Services responds to information presented at the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime and Drugs hearing

An Open Letter To Women In The Domestic Violence Movement

Published articles

Apples and Oranges: Another Look at Couple Violence

Safety & Justice for All: Examining the Relationship between the Women’s Anti-Violence
Movement and the Criminal Legal System. Ms. Foundation

Envisioning a New Role for Communities in Stopping Violence Against Women.
Review of Safety & Justice for All. Family Violence Prevention Fund

A Question For Our Public Policy Makers. Review of the articles above. DAHM

Family violence carries from youth to adulthood. Reuters

Reuters Health article on research at University of Central Lancashire

Sommers on Deconstruction, Feminism. Dartmouth Review

Domestic Violence: Don’t always assume the man’s to blame

Wives Also Kill Husbands--Quite Often

It's Always His Fault

The Patriarchy Made Me Do It

Carol Gilligan and Christina Hoff Sommers square off over The War Against Boys

Lost boys. Salon

Rehab Madness. Village Voice

Re-educating Kenny.

Abuses and power: Laws Alone Won't Curb Domestic Violence. Village Voice
Response to Abuses and power: Letter to Village Voice Editor

Hitting the Wall: After 20 years of domestic violence research, scientists can't avoid hard facts. Mother Jones

Womens' Issues and Feminism- several thought provoking articles in Salon

Sisterhood is powerless: How feminism has made men's lives safer

None of your beeswax

When feminists were divas

Out with the old and out with the new

Women's Ways of Bullying


Andrea Dworkin in agony

Badass girls on film

Human Issues in Reason

Domestic Violations


Consciousness Raising 101: Inside the gender studies classroom

Yes Means No: Troubling questions about rape and consent