About Family Interventions (FTx):

  • FTx was founded by Sandra Orozco-Stapleton, Joseph Ganaway and Edward Dunning in order to actualize the concept of a “cease-fire in the gender wars” by providing Northern California families with an alternative to the divisive gender politics of blame-focused models for DV treatment and prevention

  • Formulated at the inception of FTx in 2001, the Gender-Inclusive approach assimilated Sandra's original vision for WEAVE with Joe's inclusive and innovative work at SBAC. Edward linked their combined fifty-plus years of experience with recently published research and reliable pychological theory

  • Designed specifically to address the "vast majority" of all domestic violence, the Gender-Inclusive model targets partners who are engaging in mutual, aka, common couple violence. The underpinnings of this model are found in over twenty years of studies which have consistently found a lack of tidy and distinct groups of victims or perpetrators.

  • FTx was created to unite, rather than divide partners and families. Thus, a key element of our approach has always been “to ensure that our discussion is framed in gender-inclusive terms” and to make certain that our members and affiliates are comprised of “Only those devoted to the honest pursuit of scientific knowledge and best clinical practice.”
  • Over the past 6 years FTx has, in word and deed, demonstrated the concept of gender-inclusion. In the 4 years since FTx became a certified BIP provider, we have acquired a proven track record of providing “equal” services for everyone in need.